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The Solar Marketer Testimonials

"Kole is always problem solving and one of the things I value about working with him is that in a dynamic environment where there is constant changes. I feel really lucky to have found someone I can work with and rely on top of it and is as dedicated to getting results as I am." 

- Adina L.

"Kole has been a game changer to work with as we needed a website and marketing funnel built out ASAP for our company. He's been very responsive to all questions, feedback and updates, and since having him take care of our marketing about 5 months ago, we have had record breaking months January, February, and March this year. I highly recommend his services!" 

- Christian B.

"I've been working with Kole for the last 2 years as a marketer, strategist, and creative thinker. He is a 100% results driven and goal driven individual so if you're considering hiring him as a marketing specialist for your business you will see immediate growth and have a true partner on board." 

- Vitaliy D.

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